Dr. Monique Rainford did not have a straight and easy path to finding her life partner, her husband, Chester Ryan Bourne. Her personal experience and those of the many women who she interacted with both socially and through her OB/GYN practice led her to write this book. Using her own experience and that of the more than fifty women she interviewed, she has provided a roadmap, complete with traffic signs, roadblocks and potholes that women encounter on the way to marriage. Whether or not they succeed has a lot to do with how they navigate this journey. If you are on the path to finding the right man for marriage, this book is a must.




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ISBN: 9780986431609

Publication date: 4/24/2015

Publisher: Whittingham House

Paperback: 168 pages

Language: English

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Please God Send Me A Husband

Heartfelt advice from a Christian woman on finding the right husband

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