What Meghan Can Teach You About Finding Your Prince

I didn’t make it to the watch party but I still spent hours watching my DVR and CNN to capture as many moments as I could of the Royal Wedding.  I remember the first Royal Wedding I ever watched.  It was the wedding of Princess Diana.  It was supposed to be a fairytale.  A young bride marrying a handsome prince.  I vaguely remember the details except it was important enough for everyone around the world to be watching and I wanted to be a part of that.  Princess Diana was the “perfect” bride, young, never married and she appeared to be so in love with her prince.  The problem as we realized later was that he was not in love with her.

Fast-forward almost forty years and we have Meghan who might have been considered an undesirable bride in 1980.  She is in her mid-thirties, divorced, a career woman and biracial (white and black) whom by every commonly used definition means black.  However, Meghan has, I believe, a very intuitive friend who ignored the labels and recognized how special she is and introduced her to an equally special man who was also able to ignore labels and recognize a very special woman and now the rest is history.

Meghan was open enough to go on a blind date with a man she knew little about. Yes he was a Prince but she was mature enough to know that marrying a prince by no means has to lead to a fairytale ending but she remained open to the opportunity and open to love.

She decided to take another risk and go with this new person on an experience she had never been on before, the safari in Botswana. She could have let fear stop her.  She could have held back to protect her heart.  She could have said why should I take a chance on this man? My life will never be the same.  I will have to give up my career and my independence.  My whole life will be scrutinized in a way it has never been before. Instead she decided to take the risk to determine if he would be worth giving it up all for and she decided he was worth it.

While none of us can see the future, her beaming face at their wedding and the obvious connection they shared showed the whole world that she still believes he is worth the risk.

It also showed me something else.  It showed me a woman who is not only proud of all she is but mature enough to chose a man who is not only in love with her but who publicly embraces her cultural heritage.   He embraced the passionate and brilliant sermon by Bishop Michael Curry who I would never have imagined would get an ear at such an audience. It exposed the wedding guests and the world to the soul-stirring sermon that some African Americans could almost take for granted given the brilliance and eloquence of some of their ministers.   It allowed our souls to be hugged by the heart-warming rendition of Stand by Me.   It reinforced something I already believed or hoped to be true; that love can transcend race and help to bridge the gap between cultures.

I won’t pretend that it will be an easy road for either of them. No marriage is and especially with the added stress of being constantly scrutinized, but I am routing for them because the romantic that I am, I still believe in the power of love.