Why #RachelLindsay the #Bachelorette had to let #Peter go and why you should let the Peter in your life go too

It was almost painful to watch when Peter was unable to give Rachel the commitment she wanted.  I was disappointed too because I must confess I liked Peter and he was perhaps my favorite in this process.  In prior episodes, I thought his caution showed sincerity and that it would resolve in time.  While I do appreciate his honesty, I have to agree with my husband who said, when we were discussing the show the day after, (he was forced to watch parts with me since he was in bed trying to sleep),  “he wants to have his cake and eat it too” and “he would never have married her”.

Although I had my doubts about Brian, Brian never had any doubts about Rachel and as I wrote in Love lessons from #RachelLindsay, #TheBachelorette , I fully believe and know that love can happen as fast as it appeared to happen for Brian. In looking at how the entire series unfolded I wouldn't be surprised if Rachel had stronger feelings for Peter throughout most of the process but she chose to give her heart to the man whom she believed was sure of the woman he wanted to marry and that was definitely her. So my advice to single women who want to be married, if you are dating a Peter you have to let him go.  When do you let him go? As soon as you find yourself continually wondering why he isn't ready whether or not you have the courage to ask.  Whenever he starts telling you he never wants to let you go but he isn't willing to commit to marriage. Because he won't let you go, at least not in a time that suits you.  He won't let you go until he has wasted months or even years of your life or not until he meets the real "one." The woman who he is willing to propose to, sometimes within weeks of meeting her, leaving you heartbroken and confused; sometimes shell-shocked and afraid to take a chance on love for months or even years. But if you let him go, maybe he will wake up and realize his mistake but even if he doesn't, you will be free.  Free to allow another man in your life; free to allow the right man into your life. The one who has no doubt that he wants to make you his wife. Yes, you may not be as fortunate as Rachel to have the proposal the next day but then again who knows.