Help! I am a busy working mom and wife - how can I balance it all?

Another question from a reader. 

Stress and my Gyn history

A few years ago, I was diagnosed with an abnormal pap smear. My work life is very stressful. As you know, there is a constant struggle with trying to balance home life (with toddlers) and husband and I often wonder what my sleep deprivation and stress are mutating on a cellular level. What are some of your attempts to balance work and home life?


Dear Reader,

As a busy professional woman I find achieving work life balance is always a work in progress.  That being said I am always mindful of my goal.  Yes I need to continue to work to contribute to the finances of the household but I also need time for my children, my husband and myself.  There have been times in my career when I think all were cheated to some degree but I have always maintained the goal in mind.  This is what I have learnt.  Whenever possible find a work position that provides flexibility.  Sometimes the amount of work hours is not always the problem but the hours during which you have to deliver the work. For example if I am able to attend an important daytime activity at the children’s school they are more comfortable if I come home a little later in the evening.  At other times I will do a night shift so that I can be with them more in the day.  To be honest sometimes I may spend many of those hours in the bed resting if it has been a busy night but they know that they can easily find me if they need me.    I also use my resources to get help when needed.  I know that for example cleaning the house is not an activity I enjoy and that I am also very inefficient at it so for me it is more beneficial to work a few more hours in my career and hire someone to clean from time to time. This allows more of my home time to be spent in more relaxing activities.   I have certain times of day, which I deem family time when I try to unplug so that my attention is not divided between them and my cell phone.   I choose to exercise at home and to be honest my children look forward to me exercising to music videos in their presence. My husband and I try to go out alone at least once or twice per month or catch a movie at home after the children have gone to bed.   For my personal self-care in addition to attempting to eat a healthy diet and exercise I try to have a few minutes of quiet time each night, which I prefer to spend in reading, reflections and meditation specific to my faith.   I cannot pretend that I can do this every night but I am always mindful of the need to make it a priority so more often than not it is done.

Thank you so much for your question and I hope this helps.