Why is She Still Single?

Many of my girlfriends are still single.  These are smart, beautiful, successful women who have not yet found someone to share their lives with.  I know some of them would like to be married and I do pray for them and even if they do not wonder themselves I wonder why God has allowed them to wait so long.   Many are over forty years old.

I was speaking with one of my dear single friends just before I went off on my vacation.    I knew she was spending Christmas day without her family and I felt sad.  She told me that like she did last Christmas, she would do some volunteer activities.

We caught up in the New Year and she told me about her Christmas day.  She enjoyed worship at her church and she was unable to volunteer at her usual locations because of the abundance of volunteers.  As a gift, from her mother, she received about 20 cards embedded with her name.  She was filled with a desire to help the homeless.  She drove to one of the locations in Washington DC, where she lives, where she knew many homeless would be present and she made a quick headcount.  She assessed approximately 20 people so she went to the ATM, got some money and prepared twenty envelopes.

She went into the location on foot and as she approached the people they also approached her in throngs.  She was a little intimated but despite her petite frame at 5-2, she proceeded anyway. She handed out all the envelopes and realized that she had missed people with her initial count.    She returned to the ATM that day and handed out even more monetary gifts.  She received thanks and blessings from the people she gifted.  I have no doubt she deeply touched lives that day.  In return she felt a deep joy and was uplifted, a feeling that she continued to carry with her throughout the day and many days after.

I have little doubt in my mind that had she been married she would not have done this activity.   It is not that married women no longer serve but much of their service is to their children and/or their husband’s and with the full time jobs many of them hold, little or no time is left for a volunteer ministry.

I believe that her mission that day was a part of God’s purpose for her.  I believe that for some of us part of our purpose is fulfilled while we are single and while I still believe that if we are called to marriage, it will still happen for us, sometimes the wait is allowing us to fulfill some of God’s plans,

I continue to encourage you if you are a single woman who hopes someday to be married to continue to seek God’s purpose for your life.  I believe He has a plan for each of us and for some of us a part of the plan needs to occur during our single season.  Trust and be sure that while we may not understand His ways, He is in control and will work all things out for our good if we continue to love and serve Him.