If you don't think you will be #happier if you get #married, do yourself and your potential future spouse a favor- Stay #Single

Back in my single days I remember comments from individuals mostly single men expressing that they would be just as happy single as they would be married.  So if that’s you, do yourself and your potential future spouse a favor and don’t get married.  I am not suggesting that people who decide to get married need to be unhappy in their single state.  Rather they should expect that their life and the life of their partner will be enhanced by marriage.  They should expect to be happier because if not what is the point.  What is the point of entering an institution as important as marriage if you don’t expect that it will make your life better or if you are unwilling to do what it takes to enhance your partner’s life.  A simple analogy would be like changing jobs for the same pay and the same satisfaction with all the discomfort of and additional stress that comes with change.  So if you are satisfied being single and don’t think that your life will be improved by marriage embrace it, accept it, and continue to enjoy your single life.  Avoid the temptation to get married because you think it is the right thing to do. Such a decision will likely lead to disappointment for both you and your potential spouse and could be a set up for the failure of your marriage.