Don't Treat Your Car Better Than Your Marriage, Get Help if it Needs Fixing!

Divorce has affected many people I know including family and close friends.  In some cases it was infidelity that could not be tolerated but in others it was far subtler.  They seemed to be doing well in public but behind the scenes their marriage was eroding.  I was often blindsided by many of the announcements of divorce.  I didn’t know.  Each time I thought to myself I wish they told me.  Maybe I could have helped; maybe I could have offered some helpful advice.  I recognize I personally may or may not have been able to help but someone could have helped.  There are many excellent trained counselors and psychologists who are there to do just that.  Help your marriage succeed!

One friend did confide in me before it was too late.  She was on the brink.  I shared with her the same advice that I share with you now.  Get help, see a marriage counselor!

She researched the options on the Internet and she found an excellent counselor.  It is not an overnight fix.  It takes time.  But she already feels the improvement in her marriage and her life.

I am not pretending that every erosion can be stopped or every marriage can be repaired.  But maybe yours could.  So please don’t try to fix it by yourselves.  You wouldn’t even do that to you car.   You would have it checked by someone who knows what he or she is doing.  So why do it to one of the most important relationships in your life?  Get help from someone who knows what they are doing!