What is Love ?

My husband is not the romantic type - at least not in the traditional sense. In fact we often joke about his almost complete “lack” of a romantic bone in his body.  For example if he has ever bought me flowers, the occasions have been so few and far between that they have been forgotten.  His idea of buying me a treat of dark chocolate will usually be the selection that our grocery store checkout has to offer (not that I don’t enjoy Dove).  And in our nine years of marriage he has never planned a spontaneous romantic getaway (not saying I would have gone anyway since for many of those years we had young children).

On the other hand, although he is a definite meat lover he has learned to prepare a tofu dish for me that would rival those in many restaurants.   He never fails to take my car for servicing when necessary and he will regularly do our laundry. Recently my mother’s Internet phone was not working.  She lives in Jamaica and we depend on this phone for our frequent conversations.  My husband remained persistent and spent several hours determining the cause and ultimately finding the solution to fix the phone.  He smiled when he told me that it was fixed and he knew how important it was for me to speak with my mother regularly.

My point?  Don’t worry if your husband does not live up to your idea of romantic.  Many of them won’t.  But try not to miss the many ways that he shows his love for you. Then you may actually discover that your husband is more romantic than you ever realized.