Movie Lessons in Love

With very few exceptions I never met a romantic comedy that I did not enjoy.  A few months ago while doing a 24-hour in hospital shift(part of my Ob/Gyn) responsibilities,            

I had some down time and I was able to re-watch parts of the movies Hitch and The Wedding Planner.  I had watched both movies years earlier, I enjoyed them at the time and I still found them both very entertaining.  However this time having researched and written my book I was able to have a more critical eye and I was reminded of two important lessons in the road to find the right mate that I would like to share with you.

The man of your dreams can be very awkward.  All the fairy tales of old were filled with handsome debonair men who swept the innocent women off their feet and they lived happily ever after.  Based on my research I think many women still secretly yearn for that type of man.  The problem is – he is not real.   None of us really have it all together and I would suggest it is much better to know your potential mate with all his faults rather than falling for a nicely dressed veneer who you realize you don’t like when the veneer fades.  Hitch (the character) could not maintain his game when he was around the woman he really cared for and she was able to have the luxury and the good fortune to get to know the real person. Although they had their bumps, as any relationship will, the knowledge of each of their true selves was able to ultimately unite them.  If a guy is too easily able to maintain his game with you I suggest to you that he really is not that into you and beware because if you are into him, heartbreak is likely in your future,

As I emphasized in my book, Please God Send Me a Husband make sure that you know the man that you are about to marry well before you take the plunge -without the facade.   Because that lack of knowledge could potentially lead to the demise of your relationship.

This leads me to the second lesson that was emphasized in The Wedding Planner. Don’t be afraid to back out of your wedding, even if it is at the last minute.  I would suggest that all the inconvenience and embarrassment that you may face by ending it even on the day pales in comparison to the pain that you would experience by being married to the wrong person and having to go through the failure of the marriage. I have spoken with many women who lived to regret their choice to go through with their wedding despite the warning signs. 

So if you are a fan like I am, go ahead and enjoy those romantic comedies and you may even have the added bonus of gaining some lessons in choosing the right mate.